Meet the owners


Szandra Szabó

Born and raised in a city called Szeged in the South part of Hungary, Szandra Szabó is a fashion model and entrepreneur. Growing up, she always knew that she wanted to better herself and become an empowered woman. While pursuing a career in modeling, Szandra studied as an esthetician at the Tapai Antal School of Beauty, and later ran her own salon in Szeged. 

During a trip to the United States, Szandra discovered that there were many opportunities for her in America that she could not ignore. This made her decide to move to Los Angeles where she partnered with Chef Omar Lara to create the brand. Upon arrival, she was signed with a talent agent, allowing her to continue working in the modeling industry.

Determined, intelligent, and well-versed in various areas, Szandra discovered a true passion for desserts while still living in Hungary. She serves as president, pastry chef, and co founder of House of Chimney Cakes. Along with her business partner, Omar Lara CEO, who is a fine dining chef. She honors her Eastern European roots by way of bringing a taste of her country to the city of Anaheim, CA. 

The adorable shop, located just minutes from Disneyland, offers a wide array of ice cream flavors, a magnificent assortment of toppings, and of course numerous combinations of fabulous Hungarian Chimney Cakes.

Omar Lara

Omar’s great experience in the industry played a major role in creating the amazing brand. Some of his experience include working in some of the world’s best hotels and Michelin star restaurants from Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons Hotels, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Le Cirque Restaurant, Masa Restaurant, Patina, and Gary Danko Restaurant, over a 25 year span. House of Chimney Cakes honors Szandra’s Eastern European roots by way of bringing a taste of her country initially to the city of Anaheim, CA and now franchising to locations all over the world.